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Businesses need flexible, cost-effective, and secure managed IT services in Cincinnati to collaborate powerfully, streamline processes, and make getting the job done easier. AkitaTek helps small and medium-sized businesses maximize their IT investments. We focus on your success by constantly improving the value of our services and focusing on making you more productive while adhering to your specific technology and budget needs.

Stay informed about the latest IT options including cloud computing, disaster recovery and more.

Why Choose Us?

We’re Committed to Cincinnati Businesses

We provide you with the right balance of quality and cost to deliver the best value in the industry. We proudly distinguish ourselves with professionalism, teamwork, creativity, accountability and above all, our commitment and experience to get the job done.

Lose the Complexity

We cut away the complexity of IT services to deliver a simplified solution for small to medium-size businesses. Our trained, certified technicians and engineers help you with all of your IT needs including handling networking, firewalls, VPNs, RAID devices, off-site backups, and more.

Get More Out of Your Tech

We help you get the most value out of your technology investments. We take a preventative approach to spot and fix problems before they happen. This way, you’ll lower operating costs while maximizing productivity at the same time.

Save Time and Money

The largest expense when it comes to technology is the hidden cost of lost time and productivity due to technical problems. We focus on reducing those costs, making you more efficient, productive and satisfied with your technology investment at a fraction of the cost of a fully staffed IT department.

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